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ඔබගේ ආදරණීය සිඟිත්තාව ආරක්ෂාකාරීව,සුවපහසුවෙන් නාවන්න bestway bathing tub...

Brand: Bestway SKU: 1007922382
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Wash and bathe your baby with ease with the squeaky clean baby bath. This inflatable baby bath makes it easy to keep them clean either at home or on the go. Easy to inflate and deflate, this baby bath is great for families who travel. Suitable for babies from birth to 1 years old, the baby bath also has a built-in soft stopper at the bottom which prevents them from sliding down the bath. The fish shaped thermometer lets you monitor the water temperature as well acts as a great toy for kids so they’re always having fun and staying stimulated.

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