PVP Station Light 3000 Game Pad

PVP Station Light 3000 Game Pad

  • Screen : 2.4 Inch 8BitTFT Color LCD Screen
  • Memory : 32M (support max flash as customize)
  • Games: Built-in 900000 games with 222000 games cartridge.
  • Function: support to connect NTSC and PAL format TV ,Support GB,NES games
  • Accessory : Machine,Battery,Casstte,Manual,AV cable,White EPE bag,Box
Brand: PVP SKU: WEB-555
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Product Details 

  • 2.7" LCD Display,Full Color Digital Crystal Screen
  • Support more than 2000 different 8-bit true color games 888888 games bulit-in 1 (16Mb memory) Enclosed game cassette with 999999 games bulit-in (16Mb memory)
  • TV-out function ,plug and play
  • With 700mAH Lithium rechargeable battery 
  • Power: 110-240V AC: 50-60Hz
  • Body Size: 155*72*19 mm 
  • Body Weight: 0.3KG 
  • Multicolors 
  • Small and delicate, easy for carrying in pocket









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