ZAPP Light Insect Killing Light

Brand: ZAPP SKU: 202007194
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Genuine ZappLight 2n1 LED Light Bulb & Bug Zapper - Kills Insects & Mosquitoes!

  • The Light Bulb That Kills Flying Insects & Mosquitoes! 
  • As Seen on TV® Insect Killer
  • ZappLight - LED Light and Bug Zapper, 60W (9W when using the LED light only)
  • ZappLight® replaces ordinary light bulbs
  • University tested to kill mosquitoes known to carry Zika, Yellow Fever, and other diseases
  • Indoor/outdoor light that kills flying insects and mosquitos
  • 600 lumens, 60 Watts  (9W when using the LED light only)
  • Built-in blue UV light attracts pests
  • 2 light modes
  • Fits any 110V/120V socket
  • Not compatible with dimmer switches
  • 1 ZappLight® bulb protects 500 square feet
  • No fumes, no chemicals, no sprays
  • Includes 1 ZappLight® bug zapper LED bulb.
  • BUILT-IN BLUE UV: attracts and kills flying insects like mosquitoes and gnats.
  • BRIGHT LIGHT: replaces any standard lightbulb with bright LED light; fits in standard 110V/120V socket.

Don’t let mosquitos and bugs ruin your meal or outdoor gathering. Get the bugs before they get you! ZappLight® is the LED light that kills flying insects and mosquitos. This bug zapper light bulb fits into any 110V/120V socket. There no need to buy special fittings. ZappLight® replaces your ordinary light bulbs. This bug zapper light was designed for indo

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